How To Make Her Want You

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Warning: Your confidence when it comes to women will skyrocket after applying the lessons in this manual.

"HOW TO MAKE HER WANT YOU" is the only men's handbook you need that will take you from single and lonely to confident and desired by women.

If you follow the exact steps in this book within 3 months you can easily start getting more dates.

This methodology isn't a bunch of cheap dating tricks.

It's a complete lifestyle upgrade.

Expect permanent results that'll turn you into the absolute best version of yourself...the kind of man who will know how to meet, intrigue, and talk to women anytime and anywhere.

Who am I?

I’m Kamilla, a Men's Dating Coach.

With over 200,000 social media followers and 20,000+ email subscribers, I’ve coached countless men from all over the world and helped them with dating, relationships, and self-improvement.

During my experience I’ve identified the main issues most men deal with when it comes to attracting and meeting more women.

That's why I’ve created this handbook that will help you start dominate dating and attracting the kind of women you’ve always wanted.

You'll have the exact blueprint you need to level up your dating game and help you overcome the most common issues men face..

See what our readers had to say:

Happy Customer #1:

I've found “How To Make Her Want You” invaluable and taken a lot of notes. I've gone from a guy that had no clue how this all worked, and like most men I'm guessing, fumbled through the process of interacting with women in this non-friendly dimension. But your work has really gone a long way to set me up as a high-quality man (or at least getting there). And the message to improve yourself before seeking others, to make yourself worthy to be sought yourself. I appreciate that greatly…Many Thanks. 

- Jon P. (United Kingdom)

Happy Customer #2:

This book really delivers. It’s a complete mindset and lifestyle upgrade. From approaching to women to becoming more productive, it goes over every aspect of life to get better at attracting and interacting with women.

- Tim T. (Chicago, IL)

Happy Customer #3

Great book. The chapter on mastering conversation is a game changer. It’s given me a whole new outlook and approach on talking with women and not having to worry about running out of things to say. The part about developing your instinct to get comfortable with cold approaching women has simplified the process for me. I’ve used this strategy a handful of times since reading this chapter and can already feel a difference in my comfort level.

- Artur (New York, NY)

After applying the lessons in this handbook, you'll know:

✔️ What to say on a date to make her intrigued by you and a strategy you can use to never run out of things to say.

✔️ A simple system you can use to get fit and start looking good.

✔️ A texting strategy that will ensure you don't come off as desperate (examples included).

✔️ A list of settings where you can meet more women and opening lines you can use to start a conversation.

✔️ An easy-to-follow daygame strategy with openers for various scenarios.

✔️ A four-step system to talk to women in night time settings, i.e. bars.

✔️ The right mindset you need when it comes to dominating dating and life.

✔️ The body language needed to come off as confident when out on a date or approaching a girl.

✔️ Everything there is to know when it comes to being a productive effective man who actualizes his goals.

You also get recently added bonus content in addition to "How To Make Her Want You":

"How To Be A High Value Man ":

This VIDEO COURSE teaches you what it means to be attractive, how to be dominant, and how to have purpose. If you need a roadmap on what it takes to become a high value man, this course is for you.

"The Instagram Dating Guide":

Turn your Instagram profile into a date-generating tool and get the #1 strategy on how exactly to DM women.

"How To Level Up Your Wardrobe":

This separate ebook helps you build a classic and timeless wardrobe that will make you look more attractive, masculine, and mature.

"Escaping The Friend Zone":

Tired of always being friend zoned? Is there a girl you're into but worried she might friend zone you eventually? This guide will help you navigate both scenarios.

"Level Up Your Daygame":

Learn how to come up to any girl, start a conversation, and use a funnel system I created to guide you through the dialogue.


Q: Will there be future updates?

A: Yes. I've already included three new bonuses since inception.

>>> I recommend you buy "How To Make Her Want You" at the current price so you get all future updates without having to pay more.

I expect to continuously update this course and add new content. With each new addition, there WILL be a price increase.

Bottom line...get in now.

Q: What if "How To Make Her Want You" doesn't work for me. Can I get a refund?

A: My program has been proven to work. Period.

If you apply the lessons I go over, you're bound to see your romantic life level up.

If you're skeptical, or even thinking about a refund at this point, don't buy the manual.

I don't offer any refunds.

But if you bought the ebook and do get stuck with something, I'll be happy to answer your question. Just email me at Send me a screenshot of your receipt and add the subject line "I bought HOW TO MAKE HER WANT YOU. Quick question."

Disclaimer: Information in this book overlaps with content in my Dominate Dating private members-only group. For best value, subscribe to the group on an ANNUAL PLAN and you'll get access to this ebook. Go to

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This program includes my cornerstone ebook How To Make Her Want You, which comes with the audiobook version, and bonus content on men's fashion, getting out of the friend zone, and cold approaching women. You also get the How To Be a High Value Man video course.


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How To Make Her Want You

74 ratings
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